How to Get Over a Relationship: 7 Tips for Getting Over a Relationship Break Up

Are you in the process of getting over a relationship?

If so, click the play button below to watch a special video that reveals 7 key tips to getting over a relationship break up.

If you’re looking for advice on how to save your relationship or how to get over a relationship break up, check out this video.

1) Realize that not all relationships are meant to last

2) Stop pointing the finger at your ex and playing “the blame game”

3) Try to see things from their perspective; make an effort to understand why they were unhappy and what made them want to leave

4) Take responsibility for your part in the relationship and look at how your actions may have contributed to the break up.

5) Remember that everything happens for a reason; reflect on what happened and learn from it.

6) Focus on how you could use the experience to grow and become a better person

7) Use what you learned about yourself to create even better relationships in the future

Did you have any insights about getting over a relationship after watching this video?

Your coach,

Kevin “The Breakup Doctor”


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  • Ron DiMicco May 15, 2015, 7:23 pm


    Outstanding. My therapist is a waste of time compared to you. Your website is a great service to man/woman kind.

    Bless you!!



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